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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Location-based Alerts on your Android

Setting location based reminders is very  simple in android. The app is integrated with Google Maps and you can just tap a location on the map to set a reminder when you are around that place.
You can  create one-time alerts or  configure it to repeat on particular days

How do you locate your mobile phone if the ringer is off? Maybe you switched the phone to vibrate mode while you were in a meeting and now you dont find it .
Wouldn’t it be nice if you could use other  phone  to turn on the ringer of your missing phone?
Here is an app for it
Agastya, a new Android app that lets you “remotely” perform various tasks on your phone from any other phone via simple SMS commands. The other phone, that is sending the commands, need not be running Android – even the basic Nokia phone would do

The workflow is very  easy. You send an SMS command from a friend’s phone to your own phone in a given format and the app reacts accordingly.
For example, a command like “ringer” would turn on the ringer while “silent” would put the phone to silent mode.
The best feature of this app is it  helps you retrieve your missed calls list or your incoming text messages via, you got it right, SMS.
Here’s a complete list of SMS commands that you can try on your Android phone:
  • SILENT – Turn off the phone’s ringer
  • RINGER – Turn on the ringer
  • IMEI – Get the IMEI number* of your phone
  • LAST MESSAGES – Retrieve the last 5 text messages received on your phone
  • LAST CALLS – Know the last 5 missed/received/dialed numbers
  • <CONTACT> – Fetch the contact number of a person from the address book.

Agastay isn’t the first app that offers such features.
The more popular Where’s My Droid app can not only turn on the ringer of your phone remotely but will also send you the phone’s current GPS location by SMS. There’s overlap but these apps are more inclined towards locating your lost phone while Agastay is like a command console – you can toggle between phone states or even fetch details of a contact remotely from the phone’s address book. The IMEI feature is also handy for blacklisting your misplaced phone

Monday, May 21, 2012

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Free Calling using Iphone or Android.

Iphone and Android phones ssupport loads of applications that allow you to make free phone to phone calls

Applications that support free phone to phone calls :


Skype is world’s most popular PC to PC telephony service with more than 350 million users across the globe.

Download skype for your phone here :
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Viber :

Viber is a mobile calling service that works on mobile phones with wifi & 3g internet. Viber not only supports free calling but also supports free text messaging to other viber users.

Download Viber for your phone here :

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Kill Crashed Applications

Part 1: This registry tweak allows Windows to find and kill a crashed application faster. Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\ Control Panel\ Desktop and add or edit the string HungAppTimeout to a Value of your choice between 1000-5000 for optimum results. Default setting is 5000 milliseconds.
Part 2: This tweak allows Windows to automatically kill the crashed or hung application without you having to wait. In the same path as part 1, find or create the key AutoEndTasks and set the value to 1.
Part 3: This tweak allows you to still auto close the application is it has crashed, but allows the application some time to ’fix’ itself, for instance, when loading. Again, found in the same directory, find or create the value called WaitToKillAppTimeout, and enter a value in milliseconds.

Monday, March 19, 2012


New Facebook chat window shows the both online and offline friends in single window and you have to scroll down to see all online friends or search for the specific friend from the search area. If you are irritated with this chat box and wants to remove it to show only online friends then install Facebook Chat Fix Google chrome extension in chrome browser.



Have you ever wanted to hide folders in your phone? If yes,there here is very interesting solution for you to hide folders in your phone and youdont even need any software for that.

This trick can be used for any JAVA phone from Nokia,Samsung,Motorola,LG or any other company.


  1. Create any new folder or you can use any existing folder that is to be hidden.
  2. Rename the folder to any name but with the extension of .jad like if I want to hide my images folder then I will name it as IMG.jad
  3. Now create a new folder with the same name in the same directory but with the extension of .jar So, I would create the folder with the name IMG.jar
  4. And thats it!! My orignal images folder which has been renamed with .jad gets hidden and only folder with.jar extension is visible which is empty.So,my data is protected/hidden from unwanted eyes.

To unhide the orignal folder you have to remove the .jar extension from the new folder and your orignal folder with all the files and with .jad will become visible.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Trick to recalibrate your iPhone's home button

Trick to recalibrate your iPhone's home button

All you need to do is just follow these simple instructions:
1. Launch any app such as Stocks, Weather etc that comes pre-installed with your iPhone.

2. Press and hold the power button until you “slide to power off” appears on the screen.
3. Release the power button and now press and hold the Home button until the "slide to power off" goes away.

That's it.

Iphone serial number

Serial number provides some interesting information about your iPhone, like the week it was manufactured, the factory id and much more.

The first step is to locate the Serial Number. The easiest way to find it is to open your Settings app and navigate to General -> About -> Serial Number. You should also see the Serial Number in the Summary tab in iTunes when your iPhone is connected to the computer.

Serial numbers come in the form AABCCDDDEEF


> AA = Factory and machine ID
> B = Year manufactured (simplified to final digit, 2010 is 0, 2011 is 1, etc)
> CC = Week of production
> DDD = Unique identifier
> EEF = iPhone model, color of device and size of storage

VR0 (iPhone 2G Silver 4GB) WH8 (iPhone 2G Silver 8GB) 0KH (iPhone 2G Silver 16GB) Y7H (iPhone 3G Black 8GB) Y7K (iPhone 3G Black 16GB) 3NP (iPhone 3GS Black 16GB) 3NR (iPhone 3GS Black 32GB) 3NQ (iPhone 3Gs White 16GB) 3NS (iPhone 3Gs White 32GB) A4S (iPhone 4 Black 16GB) A4T (iPhone 4 Black 32GB)

E00 (iPhone 4 White 32GB) - Courtesy IyonUK

For example, the serial 79028XXXA4S is from factory 79 (presumably Foxconn), was manufactured in 2010 in the 28 week, and is a black 16GB iPhone 4.

Unfortunately, Apple has changed the serial number generation with the CDMA iPhone 4, so this is not applicable for the CDMA iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S.

Monday, January 30, 2012


When you backup your blackberry phone the data is saved in .ipd format.
This file contains all the data which is there on your phone
sometimes you do need to open this file on your computer and manipulate the data.


use magicberry for it

Magicberry is a free application which allows you to open and manipulate IPD files with ease. This application can extract
SMS Messages
Phone Call Logs
Address Book
Service Book
memos and calendar data
You can also combine multiple ipd files using this free app.

download magicberry here

remove virus from pendrive

If you are using pendrive for data transfer at school, college or at your office or any where
you must have come across the VIRUS creates an exe file in your usb drive with the name New Folder.exe.


Task manager is disabled.
Registry Editor is disabled.
Folder options not working.
Taking too much time for accessing pendrive.
Uses half of your computers processing power.

now you can easily remove this virus
Just download the tool from the link below.
Run this downloaded exe by double clicking on it.
Then click on “Delete Autorun.inf file”.

After that click on ” Remove virus from USB”. The virus will be removed from your pendrive.
with this tool you cal also restore your task manager, registry editor and other things which were disabled by virus
just click on “Restore Default Windows Settings”. thats it.............

click here to download