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Monday, May 21, 2012

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Free Calling using Iphone or Android.

Iphone and Android phones ssupport loads of applications that allow you to make free phone to phone calls

Applications that support free phone to phone calls :


Skype is world’s most popular PC to PC telephony service with more than 350 million users across the globe.

Download skype for your phone here :
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Viber :

Viber is a mobile calling service that works on mobile phones with wifi & 3g internet. Viber not only supports free calling but also supports free text messaging to other viber users.

Download Viber for your phone here :

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Kill Crashed Applications

Part 1: This registry tweak allows Windows to find and kill a crashed application faster. Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\ Control Panel\ Desktop and add or edit the string HungAppTimeout to a Value of your choice between 1000-5000 for optimum results. Default setting is 5000 milliseconds.
Part 2: This tweak allows Windows to automatically kill the crashed or hung application without you having to wait. In the same path as part 1, find or create the key AutoEndTasks and set the value to 1.
Part 3: This tweak allows you to still auto close the application is it has crashed, but allows the application some time to ’fix’ itself, for instance, when loading. Again, found in the same directory, find or create the value called WaitToKillAppTimeout, and enter a value in milliseconds.