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Sunday, June 12, 2011


PlanningForce Express Planner is a free project planning software that lets you plan and schedule unlimited projects and resources at the same time. Express Planner has been conceived to help you save time on every dimension of your plan.

Intelligent Software Company wants to offer small businesses a set of professional features that allow them to produce realistic schedules. Having successful projects in mind is important, plan them efficiently is vital.

What can you do with PlanningForce Express Planner?

You will play with all the dimensions of projects and tasks such as resource requirements, progress and date constraints and much more.

You will list all your people in hierarchies (internal or external), set up their availabilities and define their calendars.

You will share resources between projects while eliminating over-allocation problems thanks to the automatic scheduling engine.

The start and end dates of tasks and projects are automatically calculated and you get up to 6 reports that can be printed in several formats (html, Excel, PowerPoint…)

It is very easy to start with this application and obtain a realistic schedule in minutes. Users will be delighted to learn that a community is available to them where they can ask any questions.

Features overview of PlanningForce Express Planner

  • Plan unlimited Projects, group of tasks, tasks and milestones;
  • Apply Date constraints and goals;
  • End-dates and start-dates of projects and tasks are automatically calculated;
  • Generate up to 6 reports to share your plan results;
  • Create unlimited resources, contract dates and daily intensity;
  • Create individual and global calendars;
  • Eliminate over-allocation issues thanks to an automatic scheduling engine;

PlanningForce Express Planner is a good choice for nonprofits organizations and for small businesses that want to generate realistic schedules.

Download PlanningForce Express Planner here –

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