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Friday, May 6, 2011


Government recently changed the rupee symbol for the India currency.
Big question is that how to write the rupee symbol.

So here is a solution to it
NOTE:you cant write the rupee symbol on your webpage as you write on your documents. You have to follow different procedure for written documents and your webpages.

How to write Rupee symbol on your documents..
A new font released by Foradian Technologies which is used to write the Rupee symbol in written documents. You have to follow the process given below

1. Follow this link to download the Rupee font. Download
2. After download click on downloaded file install this font# Now go to your document and select the font 'Rupee Foradian' from your font list
# Now press the '~' given on the keyboard. Note that there is no need to press shift,ctrl or alt.

How to write the Rupee symbol on webpage.
You can do this in two ways ..
1. Using JavaScript.
add this JavaScript line in your head part of HTML page

2. Using style sheet
link your page with the external stylesheet by adding this link

now add this code line for writing symbol

I like to use JavaScript method for writing the symbol because it changes all the Rupee symbol. You need not to put extra effort on this.

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